Revised 09/28/2020

Data Sheet

GHS Product Identifier: 196.44, n-Butyl Iodide, 1-Iodobutane.

Formula: C4H9I

Formula Description: Colorless to amber liquid.

Recommended Use: 1-Iodobutane is used as an alkylating agent and as a solvent for organic synthesis 1. Used in
the electronics industry as a subsurface preparation 2. In the field of catalysis it is used as a surface iodination agent4.

General Properties:

Molecular Weight 184.02 Specific Gravity (20°C) 1.617
Boiling Point (°C) 130-131 Solubility Insoluble in H2O; Soluble Alcohol, Ether,

Chemical Product Specifications

n-Butyl Iodide
Assay (by gc) 98.0% minimum

*material available with or without copper stabilizer.

Standard Packaging

Net Weight Packaging
70 lbs. UN3H1 5 gal Jerrican
198.41 lbs. UN1H1 15 gal Deldrum
400 lbs. UN1H1 30 gal HDPE Drum
551.15 lbs. UN6HA1 55 gal Steel Composite Drum

SDS with detailed information available upon request.

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4. lya V. Mishakov, David S. Heroux, Vladimir V. Chesnokov, Sergey G. Koscheev, Maxim S. Mel’gunov,
Alexander F. Bedilo, Roman A. Buyanov, Kenneth J. Klabunde, Reaction of nanocrystalline MgO with 1-
Journal of Catalysis,Volume 229, Issue 2,2005,Pages 344-351

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