Iodine Derivatives and Iodine Derivative Solutions

Specialists and experts in manufacturing organic and inorganic iodine derivatives.

Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. has been a source of organic and inorganic iodine derivatives for domestic and foreign customers. Uses for organic iodine derivative compounds include food supplementation, disinfectants and pharmaceutical use. Inorganic iodine derivative solutions are used with specialized applications including potassium iodide, sodium iodide and more.

Through Deepwater Chemicals commitment to excellent quality, their iodine derivative solutions are found all over the world. From production to delivery, Deepwater Chemicals only insures the best quality control process and service.

One common compound created is Deepwater Chemicals Potassium Iodide, an important product used in the oil and gas industry and pharmaceuticals. Silver Iodide and Methylene Iodides are used in the weather industry and classification of precious gems. Deepwater Chemicals is a registered EPA manufacturing facility and produce numerous USP certified bulk products according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Iodine derivative markets where Deepwater Chemicals have an impact:

  • Catalyst
  • Weather Modification
  • Power Generation
  • Sanitizers
  • Scintillation
  • Pharma
  • Animal Feed Nutrition
  • Coatings
  • Polymers

From its 50,000 square foot facility in Woodward, Oklahoma, Deepwater Chemicals is able to manufacture a variety of high purity iodine derivatives using our expertise in Iodine chemistry. If there is a need for a particular compound, Deepwater can manufacturer materials suitable to your application.

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Iodine Derivatives

Iodine Derivative Product Line
Read more about our current iodine derivatives product line, if there is an iodine derivative product that you are interested in, please contact us with detailed information about your product needs.

Iodine Production Capabilities

Iodine Production Capability: All production is done under cGMP!

Along with iodine derivative manufacturing, Deepwater Chemicals also offers process development, custom and toll manufacturing of specialty chemicals for non-iodine chemistries, from lab scale to commercial volumes. We follow cGMP processes and documentation, and have full raw material traceability.

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Environmental, Health and Safety

Deepwater Chemicals is an ISO 14001 certified and practice SOCMA’s Chemsteward program. We are environmentally permitted and meet all regulatory requirements for air, waste water and solid waste.

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Deepwater Chemicals is the only domestic iodine derivatives manufacturer that is inspected by the FDA.
As a part of Toyota Tsusho (TTC), we pride ourselves in QUALITY and CONSISTENCY of the finest chemicals.

From production, to quality control, to delivery, our dedicated team insures the best quality and
most reliable service for all of our iodine derivative products and chemicals.

SOCMA Society of Chemical ManufacturersRegistered ISO 14001FDAEPAChemStewardscertified cGMP