Revised 09/01/2019

Data Sheet

GHS Product Identifier: 402.10, 20% Iodophor

Formula Description: Dark-brown to black viscous liquid.

Recommended Use: Used as a base manufacturing raw material for the formulation of wound sprays(1), teat dips, animal shampoos, hoof care products and other veterinary uses.(2)This product is an environmentally friendly surfactant base.

General Properties:

Specific Gravity 1.26g/ml (25°C) Bulk Density 10.52 lb/gal

Deepwater’s PurI2ty products offer you full traceability for all raw materials.

All products are manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)in our US FDA registered plant. FEI #2013633

Chemical Product Specifications
PurI2tyIodophor 20%
Assay(Iodine) 20% minimum
Standard Packaging
Net Weight Packaging
500 lb 55 GAL l UN1H1/Y1.9 DRUM
2,500 lb 275 GAL UN31HA1/Y TOT

SDS with detailed information available upon request.


1) Fairclough, J. A., Johnson, D., & Mackie, I. (1986). The Prevention of Wound Contamination by Skin Organisms by the Pre-Operative Application of an Iodophor Impregnated Plastic Adhesive Drape.Journal of International Medical Research,14(2), 105–109.

2) Milk Iodine Residues in Herds Practicing Iodophor Premilking Teat Disinfection, Journal of Dairy ScienceD.M.Galton,L.G.Petersson,H.N.Erb, Volume 69, Issue 1, January 1986, Pages 267-271

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