Revised 09/01/2019

Data Sheet

GHS Product Identifier: 100.04, Iodine Crude; 100.15, Iodine USP; 100.24, Iodine ACS; 100.34, Iodine HP

Formula Description: Heavy, purplish-black flakes or prills with metallic luster.

Recommended Use: Elemental Iodine(I2)is used as the precursor for manufacturing several inorganic and organic derivatives(1);It is also used as an efficient catalyst (2)in organic synthesis, and as a disinfectant and anti-bacterial agent in solutions(3), tinctures and salves; used in x-ray contrast media(4). Not permittedin the manufacturing of clandestine chemicals.

General Properties:

Molecular Weight253.8 Density 4.933 g/cm3 (25°C)
Melting Point113.7°C Boiling Point 184.3°C
Chemical Product Specifications
Iodine Crude
Assay 99.5% min
Nonvolatile Residue 0.05% max
Chloride & Bromide 0.05% max

Deepwater’s PurI2ty products offer you full traceability for all raw materials.

All products are manufactured under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)in our US FDA registered plant. FEI #2013633

PurI2tyUSP PurI2tyACS PurI2tyHigh PurityPurI2ty5N
Assay 99.8% -100.5% 99.8% min
Purity by difference 99.99% min 99.999% min
Nonvolatile Residue 0.05% max 0.01% max 0.005% max
Chloride & Bromide 0.028% max
Chlorine & Bromine 0.005% max 0.005% max
Identification A& B Passes Test
Elemental Impurities Class 1 Cd, Pb, As, Hg
Elemental Impurities Class 2A Co, V, Ni

*Compendial grades conform to current USP and ACS editions

Standard Packaging
Net Weight Packaging
12.5 lbs. 1.0 gal 1H2/X12/S NL Curtec
25 kgs. 4.0 gal 1H2/X30/S PP
50 kgs 8.5 gal 1G/Y55/S Fiberboard

Material packaged with Saran inner liner and polyethylene out liner; suitable for export. Curtec drum does not include liner.

SDS with detailed information available upon request.


1) I2-Catalyzed Regioselective Oxo-and Hydroxy-acyloxylation of Alkenes and Enol Ethers: A Facile Access to α-Acyloxyketones, Esters, and Diol Derivatives, Rambabu N. Reddi, Pragati K. Prasad, and Arumugam Sudalai

Organic Letters 2014 16 (21), 5674-5677

2) Zhong-Jian Cai, Shun-Yi Wang, and Shun-Jun Ji, I2/TBHP-Catalyzed Chemoselective Amination of Indoles, Organic Letters 2013 15 (20), 5226-5229

3) GeraldBerg, ShihLu Chang, Eugene K.Harris, Devitalization of microorganisms by iodine: I. Dynamics of the devitalization of enteroviruses by elemental iodine, Virology , Volume 22, Issue 4, April 1964, Pages 469-481

4) Krause, W. (2014). Iodinated X‐Ray Contrast Agents. In Iodine Chemistry and Applications, T. Kaiho (Ed.).

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